The Importance of Home Care for Veterans

According to the Veterans Health Administration, there are over 9 million veterans in the United States. Of those 9 million, over 5 million are over the age of 65. As our veteran population ages, many will require home care services. Liken Home Care can provide a much-needed service for our aging veterans, allowing them to age in place and maintain their independence.

What is Home Care?

Home care is a type of health care that is provided in the patient’s home. Home care services can be provided by a licensed healthcare professional, such as a registered nurse or a physical therapist. Home care services can also be provided by a non-licensed health care professional, such as a home health aide or a personal care assistant.

Home care services can be covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance plans. Veterans who are enrolled in the VA health care system may also be eligible for home care services through the VA.

What are the benefits of home care?

There are many benefits of home care for veterans. Home care can help veterans maintain their independence and live in their own homes for as long as possible. Home care can also help veterans manage chronic health conditions and prevent decline by providing regular monitoring and assistance with activities of daily living. In addition, home care can help veterans stay connected to their community and avoid social isolation.

Many Veterans Feel Isolated and Alone in Nursing Homes

A study conducted by the National Institute of Health found that many veterans feel isolated and alone in nursing homes. The study found that veterans in nursing homes were more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than those who received home care. The study also found that veterans in nursing homes were more likely to have a lower quality of life than those who received home care.

Home Care Can Help Veterans Age in Place

Another benefit of home care is that it can help veterans age in place. Many veterans want to stay in their own homes as they age, but need some assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. Home care can provide this assistance, allowing veterans to age in place.

How do I get started with home care?

If you are a veteran and are interested in home care, the first step is to contact your local Veterans Affairs office. The VA can help you determine if you are eligible for home care services. If you are eligible, the VA will work with you to develop a plan of care that meets your needs.

If you are not enrolled in the VA health care system, you can still receive home care services through Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance. You can also hire a home care agency, such as Liken Home Care, to provide services.

Liken Home Care is a leading provider of home care services for veterans. We offer a full range of home care services, including personal care, homemaking, and respite care. We also offer specialized services for veterans, such as home safety assessments, fall prevention, and chronic disease management.


It's important to find a reputable home care provider who understands the unique needs of veterans. Liken Home Care is proud to serve veterans and their families. We offer a wide range of home care services, including skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you or your loved one age in place.