Protecting Against Elder Abuse: Beaver County

Adults aged 60 years and above are particularly susceptible to elder abuse. Elder abuse is a prevalent issue in the United States. The National Council on Aging estimates that one in every ten older adults has experienced abuse. This abuse can take many forms, including neglect, financial exploitation, physical abuse, and emotional abuse. In this blog, we'll discuss some common types of elder abuse and the warning signs. Discover how Liken Home Care of Beaver County can help you mitigate the threat of abuse.

Types of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can take many forms. It is essential to understand the different types of abuse to detect them. The most common types of elder abuse include:


  • Physical Abuse: Physical abuse involves the use of force, resulting in physical harm such as bruises, cuts, broken bones, and other injuries.


  • Neglect: Elder neglect is when the elderly aren't given basic needs, like food, shelter, medical care, and protection.


  • Emotional Abuse: Emotional abuse describes any action or behavior that causes emotional pain or distress to the senior.


  • Financial Exploitation: Elder financial exploitation is the illegal or unauthorized use of the elder's assets or property for personal gain.

Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

It's common for seniors to be reluctant or unable to report elder abuse. That's why it's essential to look for signs of abuse. Common warning signs include:


  • Unexplained injuries or bruises
  • Signs of dehydration or malnutrition
  • Fear of a caregiver or family member
  • Unexplained withdrawals or transfers from bank accounts
  • Unusual activities in the senior's bank account, such as checks made out to unfamiliar or suspicious parties

How Liken Home Care Can Help

At Liken Home Care, we provide compassionate care to seniors in Beaver County and the surrounding areas. We understand the threat of elder abuse! Our team takes preventive measures to guarantee the safety and well-being of our clients.

Trusted Home Care Specialists

Our caregivers are thoroughly vetted and screened. This process ensures that your loved one receives care from a trustworthy individual. We also do routine checks to make sure that our clients are receiving adequate care. Additionally, our caregivers are trained to detect and report signs of abuse or neglect.

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Elder abuse is a significant concern for seniors and their families. You must be vigilant and proactive in protecting your loved ones. At Liken Home Care, we understand the importance of protecting your senior family members. We also know exactly how to mitigate threats with our qualified caregivers. Contact us today for a consultation. See how we can help in keeping seniors safe and happy at home! Call (724) 201-4724 or visit our website for more information.