Navigating Elderly Incontinence with Liken Home Care

Growing old can be a beautiful experience. However,  it also means facing uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing challenges. One of these challenges is urinary incontinence, a problem that can make your elderly loved ones feel frustrated, helpless, and embarrassed. Dealing with this issue can be complicated and stressful, but it doesn't mean your loved ones have to endure it alone.

At Liken Home Care, we understand the struggles of families coping with urinary incontinence in seniors. Our home care professionals provide compassionate and expert care to seniors with incontinence problems. We have qualified staff and equipment to care for your loved ones' needs and help you get excellent care. Our home care in Beaver County, PA can help.

What Is Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a condition where a person cannot control their urine flow. In older people, it is prevalent, and it often occurs due to aging of the urinary system. With incontinence, the bladder sometimes leaks urine without warning. Vulnerable individuals may dampen their clothes or bedding, which could lead to embarrassment, hygiene concerns, and social withdrawal.

How Can Liken Home Care Help?

Incontinence often causes significant stress and burden on family members, which is why expert assistance from experienced care providers is vital. At Liken Home Care, we work collaboratively with your loved ones' healthcare providers to formulate a treatment plan customized to their unique needs. We provide in-home care and lifestyle support that promotes comfort, discretion, and independence. Our skilled professionals help seniors with personal care, including bathing and grooming, and we offer assistance in participating in incontinence-friendly activities.


What Services Does Liken Home Care Offer?

At Liken Home Care, we provide several services that support seniors with incontinence problems. Our services include, but are not limited to:


  • Bathing, dressing, and grooming assistance
  • Medication management, including reminders and pickup
  • Nutritional assistance and meal planning
  • Incontinence pad and brief changing
  • Mobility assistance to get around indoors and outdoors
  • Exercise plans to improve bladder control.

Why Choose Liken Home Care?

Our professional care team is dedicated to providing top-notch and client-centered care for your elderly loved ones. Our staff undergoes rigorous training and has vast experience in handling incontinence problems. We emphasize collaboration with your loved ones' healthcare providers for faster recovery and improved quality of life. This commitment to excellence has earned us recognition as one of the best home care near Beaver County, PA.

Contact An Expert Team 

Your elderly loved ones deserve the best care and support following their health condition. Liken Home Care believes in providing compassionate and customized care for seniors with incontinence issues. Discover how we can help provide reliable in-home care! Contact our team of experts at (724) 201-4724 or visit our website.