How Movies Can Benefit Seniors

Watching a movie can be beneficial in numerous ways. In addition to being entertaining in general, they also offer psychological advantages as well, such as relaxation. For seniors and those having memory issues, a good movie can also be a key player in memory care treatments. Here are some of the benefits that watching movies provide older adults.


Better Mental Health Awareness

According to the CDC, 20% of adults over 55 years old have some form of mental health issue. However, only two out of three that have these issues get proper treatment. Some mental health problems go undiagnosed as people find it hard to explain their situation. When they watch a movie, they have the opportunity to see something related to what they are going through and understand it as a whole.


Nostalgia Factor

With older movies, such as those from the 1930s and 1940s, they can be time capsules for seniors, acting as a way to be transported back to the past. These films help bring back memories for older adults, as well as any associated emotional connections. Watching these movies in groups also has its benefits. They can provide an opportunity for socialization, which may be difficult for people with dementia or other memory issues. Being able to talk about classic movies is a great way to interact with other people.


Finding the Right Movie

When it comes to finding a movie for seniors to watch, one of the easiest ways to decide is to ask them what they prefer. By taking into consideration what they like and dislike, you are more likely to find selections they will enjoy. You typically want to avoid those movies that contain excessive violence or tragedy, as these can cause negative emotions or memories. Experts suggest musicals, dancing, and comedies for people with early symptoms of dementia.

For older people or those with memory issues, a movie can provide you with multiple benefits. It can serve as a way to interact with others as well as improve your mental health.